About Me

Well, yes, this blog is going to be about me.  But that’s really not the point.   The point is for me to share my experiences with you, so we can all learn and grow together.   Yes, I am a mom, so I will be relating some of my experiences as a mom.  Yes, I have MS, so I will be relating some of my experiences as an MS patient.  But  this blog is for everyone.  It’s for everyone who needs a little pick me up.  It’s for everyone who needs some perspective.   It’s for everyone to use in order to learn the lessons I’ve learned the hard way.   This is a comparison of my naive 25 year old self to my older, wiser, and happier 35 year old self.  I’ll try not to get too churchy or preachy, but I am pretty churchy, and can get pretty preachy.  So, please, don’t judge me.   I hope you can take away a laugh, or a smile, or a new appreciation for what you have.

I have an update.  While blogging is super fun, it is not earning me any money.  So I am taking a break for a while to work on my new business venture.   I am not a Jamberry Nails Consultant!  I can do it from the comfort of my nice, cold home!   snazzymazzys.jamberry.com


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