“Isn’t this the best day ever!?”

“Isn’t this the best day ever!?”

Direct quote. From my four year old. Five out of seven days a week.

He said it tonight, but stopped to correct himself before he finished, “Mommy, isn’t this the best day. I mean night, ever!?”

I have to tell you my four year old is a lot like me. Everything is super amazing, or everything is super not. (My baby and my husband just chill; all the time). So, anyway, if you have spent any amount of significant time with this dude you have probably heard him say the words, “isn’t this the best day ever!?” Kids really know how to live in the moment. Sometimes, it can get pretty frustrating for grown ups to deal with a full on fit taking place because a little girl wants to play superheroes and “THERE ARE NO GIRL SUPERHEROES, MOMMY!!!!” So, that problem is the most important issue at that moment because nothing else matters. Annoying. But sometimes it’s amazing. Sometimes it’s amazing to see the world the way a four year old sees it.

So let’s talk about what constitutes the best day ever. You have your standards: Disney World, attending a Nationals game where your uncle snags you a ball, getting autographs at a pro soccer game with your aunt and uncle, Kings Dominion with your aunt and so on. Other times I can see why he thinks it’s the best day ever: Pajama party with his grandma, baking cookies with his aunt, checking out animals and planes with his aunt and cousin, getting ice cream TWICE IN ONE DAY! But then there are other days, and I think those days are the most special of all. The days he gets to go ride around with his dad in the pick up truck, or the drive home from his second day of church school, or even the day I let him watch the iPad more than usual.

You see, the other day I asked my son to dunk my Teddy Graham in icing ( it was a party…Dunkaroo anyone?) and he said, “Head or feet?” And I said, “What!?” So he repeated a couple of times until he had to explain to me, “Do you want me to dunk his head or his feet in the icing!?” Man. I wish I lived like that. I wish I was so focused on every moment that I paid attention to little details like that. I wish I didn’t worry, or plan, or think about my grocery list. I wish I just lived in the moment just like my son. I wish we all did and I wish we all could.

I hope my four year old continues to have best day evers for many many more years. I know that sometimes I will expect to hear those words. But sometimes I won’t. Sometimes it will be a regular morning, while he’s eating his regular Cheerios, watching his regular cartoons, in his regular pajamas and I’ll look up from my regular chair while feeding the baby and he’ll say it. And he’ll mean it.

“Mommy, isn’t this the best day ever?”

“Yeah, buddy. It is.”

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